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Transition Process

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One of the first concerns when making a billing change is “Will we lose money during the transition?”

Your MBM Radiology transition team is dedicated to making sure you don’t. Many of our client practices actually experience an upturn in revenue in the transitions phase due to the efficiency of our people and processes.

Your Transition Team Will:

  • Satisfy practice and/or hospital system interface requirements
  • Review and perform any credentialing needs
  • Evaluate and make fee schedule recommendations
  • Customize your billing parameters and cycles
  • Access to a toll-free telephone line for you and your patients to use
  • Establish your database in our system
  • Keep you informed along the way
  • Your transition and implementation team will manage the entire billing transition process.
  • Experience is the key to a smooth transition.

Our steps to a successful transition include:

  • Establishing relationships with key hospital/practice personnel
  • Obtaining the necessary information to build your files, such as:
  • Practice name & tax ID number
  • Payment address
  • Fees for each procedure
  • Participating insurance companies and your provider numbers, if applicable
  • Service location addresses
  • Referring doctors and their UPIN’s
  • Completing paperwork for electronic claim submission
  • Establishing an electronic interface with your hospital’s system
  • Assisting you in completing applications for provider numbers, if required
  • Providing online software training to the physicians who desire to remotely review their practice’s financials via the Internet.


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