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Billing Integration

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The MBM billing integration process ensures that your patient demographics and dictated reports are captured expeditiously and probably sent to third-party carriers.

We use secure HIPAA-compliant electronic data transfer to all third-party entities.

We provide integrated document imaging, integrated appointment scheduling, PACS integration, as well as integrated trending and reporting modules that are updated in a real-time application. Additionally, we are compatible with the HL7 framework for the exchange, integration, and retrieval of electronic health information for your current system. To further expedite daily operations, we provide a 24 hour Client Support Center, 24/7 remote system access via a web portal, and 24/7 web access to real-time reports.

Further amenities provided are Contract Management, electronic data transfers to collection agencies, and Electronic Statement Processing.

We are confident that we supply the most comprehensive billing integration system providing state-of-the-art components to ensure that your organization runs at its optimal efficiency.


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