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Why MBM Radiology Medical Billing

Over 40 Years Medical Billing Experience

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MBMRadiology Billing has been providing exceptional billing services since 1976.

We apply best-practice methods and use the latest radiology billing technology to produce consistent and unrivaled revenue results for our clients.

MBMRadiology provides a wide range of managed radiology billing services to radiology practices and imaging centers nationwide.

We have organized a suite of services carefully orchestrated to work seamlessly in virtually any practice environment. From claims processing and compliance to reimbursement, everything is focused on client results.

MBMRadiology has a well-trained staff of professionals, focused on addressing the unique needs of today’s practicing radiologists.

We offer a customer-driven software model of support. MBM Radiology’s staff has decades of experience and expertise in medical billing and customer relations. Our hands-on approach to training and customer support eliminates technology anxiety and frustration. This means quick response times and ease of function for our clients.

A trusted, professional business partner, that’s the relationship MBM Radiology has with the client.


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