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  • Increase Revenue And Decrease Overhead
  • Radiology Billing and Practice Management experience
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Highly Experienced Billing Experts

Providing you with regulatory compliance and guidance

Radiology Focused CPT Coding

Compliance planning, fee analysis, and fee scheduling optimization

Comprehensive Financial System

Allowing you to see more patients & spend less administration time.

CMS Knowledge with Radiology Practice Experts

Providing compliance advice, proactive radiology reimbursement strategies…

Practice Electronic Integration

The advanced electronic integration provided by MBM Radiology allows seamless transfer of information for the site of service to our radiology billing system.

Pre-Billing Process

Medical billing is notorious for errors and inaccuracies. Our Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits and Demographic edits assure clean claims the first time, tracking your specific information from beginning to end.

Radiology Denial Management

Our reimbursement system provides crucial management data from the radiology billing process; these data are then used to increase and accelerate cash flow.

Radiology Industry Knowledge

MBM Radiology has been helping Radiology practices with billing services since 1976. We are an active member of the Radiology Business Management Association, (RBMA).

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Call us for a free comprehensive billing analysis and consultation to discover how MBM Radiology can assist you in jettisoning the complicated and burdensome billing and collections process while at the same time increasing your revenues. Providing exceptional Radiology billing services since 1976. (423) 629-9783


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MBM Radiology Offers Online ePay Portal

To maximize patient collections, patients are offered the convenience of reviewing claim balances, updating information, and paying outstanding balances online using MBM Radiology’s Online Patient ePay Portal!